Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Tree Fort Root Beer

Tree Fort root beer is located in Minneapolis, MN. I was recently on a trip through Minnesota and found out about this brew right before I left. An 18 year old girl started this company and sells her root beer at her brother's tea/coffee shop. I guess this girl is very nostalgic and wanted to make a truly old fashioned soda. She wanted it to be unlike any other root beer on the market. This brew uses all natural ingredients too. I really enjoyed this beverage. She's right. This definitely doesn't taste like any other root beer I've had before. To me, it kind of tastes like an apple pie in a bottle. I love apple pie, so this is ok in my book. Since it really doesn't taste like the toot beer I know and's going to hurt the rating however. If you're ever in Minnesota please stop and grab a few bottles and support this girl's wonderful effort. 7/10.


  1. Oh, my goodness. I order out of the Root Beer Store in Washington and I was warned that this Tree Fort Root Beer isnt like a normal root beer, so they sent be some Bulldog Root Beer (orginally from Fresno, California by the way) and a couple Hires Root Beer. Those two are a couple of the greatest, of all time. So that made Tree Fort even more weirder. Its more like some mixed toothpaste into a glass of root beer. It might be good for bad breath though. 6/10