Friday, September 26, 2014

Spring Lake Root Beer

Spring Lake root beer is made by Glewwe's Castle Brewery, which is located in Prior Lake, Minnesota.  They have been making this magically delicious root beer since 1994. First off, if I were forced to pick a favorite root would be Spring Lake. I just love that they've incorporated a strong birch flavor profile into this brew. This stuff is so spicy!! It also has some wintergreen, vanilla, and honey thrown into the mix. I just love how bold, creamy, and unique this brew is...a "One of a Kind"....if you will. Spring Lake has a head that just don't quit....almost everlasting. There's just so much to love about this brew!! It's definitely an elixir of the gods!! Welcome to "Brad's Brew of Fame"! 11/10.


  1. OK I will try to track some of this down since I Live in Minnesota :-)