Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Babbling Brooke's Root Beer

Babbling Brooke's root beer is made by Better Bitters Brewing Company, which is located in Burlington, Ontario. Better Bitters opened their doors for business back in 1992. I was in Canada awhile back and decided to stop off in Burlington. I picked up some Babbling Brooke's and I was on my way to Toronto. Babbling Brooke's has a very dark and complex body. This is an exceptional brew. It's not overly sweet and is lightly carbonated. You can really taste the sassafras, cinnamon, and the star anise. Also, it's not everyday you see orange peel listed in your root beer. I'm not exactly sure what role it plays but it works for me. I enjoyed this brew so much I had my friend Akira send me some more down through the mail. Thanks little buddy!! 10/10.

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