Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Fest Pecan Root Beer

"Fest" pecan root beer is made in New Orleans, LA. Fest is a new company, which currently offers 4 unique and intriguing flavors. They include almond cola, satsuma mint cola, bourbon cream soda, and pecan root beer. I got an email a few weeks ago from the Soda Emporium and they wanted to let me know about this new brew. I had to look twice when I read "pecan root beer". To my knowledge, this is the first of its kind. Fest are instantly pioneers in the root beer business. This stuff is yummy alright...:) You can definitely taste the pecan and maybe even some praline. It's even a tad creamy with subtle vanilla notes in the aftertaste. My only knock is that it had a 3 second head. All in all, this soda did not disappoint! Very unique! 9.5/10

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