Saturday, October 4, 2014

Sparky's Fresh Draft Root Beer

Sparky's fresh draft root beer is made in Pacific Grove, CA. Sparky's was made available to the public on April 1, 2000. As they say....and the rest is history. Let me start off by saying that it was Sparky's  that lead to my obsession of handcrafted root beer. I couldn't believe something so tasty existed and it was so different from any other root beer I had ever had. It took me almost 4 years before I found a brew that was as good or better than Sparky's.. So thank you Sparky's!!! This is such a full flavored and premium root beer. They add birch, wintergreen, vanilla, and honey to this soda. Its very smooth and a tad creamy. A perfect level of carbonation and a decent head too. Sparky's root beer really is "Leading the Root Beer Revival"!!! 10/10.

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