Thursday, November 13, 2014

Dat' Der' Root Beer

Dat' Der' root beer is brewed under the authority of Lakeshore Bottling, which is located in Green Bay, Wisconsin. If you live in Wisconsin and dine at an Applebee's, you can order one of these delicious root beers. These are available at all Applebee's in Wisconsin. I was a little disappointed to find out that this soda is just a private label Baumeister root beer though. I've yet to find out why root beer is so "dang"(also a root beer company from WI..ha.ha) popular in Wisconsin? There are more root beers brewed in Wisconsin than any other state....and most I would consider elite brews too! Any who,  the head on this brew is just "ok" and fizzes down rather quickly. It's also a little thick and creamy. I'm noticing vanilla and cinnamon more and more after each swallow. It has pleasant finish with some sweet vanilla and cinnamon. It's just not all there for's close to being a hall of famer though....but not quite..8.5/10.

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