Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Old Soaker Root Beer

Old Soaker root beer is handcrafted and bottled by The Atlantic Brewing Company, which is located in Bay Harbor, Maine. The ABC opened for business back in 1990 and quickly became a success. In case you were wondering....."Old Soaker" is the granite ledge visible from Sand Beach in Acadia National Park. It disappears at high tide, becoming treacherous to the unsuspecting sailor, This brew has a hall of fame head! Wow....they don't get any better than this one. This soda is very tasty in my opinion. It's very sweet and crisp....it has vanilla, caramel, and touches of maple. There is a lot to like about this root beer. Welcome to Brad's Brew of Fame! 9/10.

Firewheel Brewing Company Maple Root Beer

Firewheel Brewing Company opened for business back in 2010 and is located in Rowlett, Texas. They make a maple flavored root beer and I'm very excited to try. This brew does produce an excellent head...it's very tall and extremely frothy. The maple is very strong in this one....you smell and taste it immediately. This soda does have a core root beer flavor with some intense maple right on top. Everything was going great....but I just can't shake the aftertaste on this one. The aftertaste is a herbal/medicinal concoction or something....it's very out of place and was very unexpected. All in all, this was a decent soda experience, but I'm thinking it could have been a lot better. 7/10.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Rattlesnake Pete's Root Beer

Rattlesnake Pete's root beer is hand crafted by The Fairport Brewing Company, which can be found in Fairport, New York. The FBC opened their doors for business back in 2010. I got an email from the brewery and they wondered if  I'd be interested in trying their root beer. What a silly question! Yes I know....no label....but please do not let that deter you away from trying! This is so spicy! I love this flavor profile when brewed correctly. It is rather stout and has lots of wintergreen and star anise! I would say there are also subtle notes of honey and licorice in the mix too. Did I mention the head was almost perfect too? This brew is rooty, intense, and has a kick that I just love! Rattlesnake Pete's....Welcome to Brad's Brew of Fame!! 10/10.

Iron Horse Root Beer

Iron Horse root beer is brewed and bottled in Edina, Minnesota. Iron Horse has been around for awhile now and has an excellent reputation in the root beer community it seems. The head on this brew is a tad above average and has a little foam that sticks around the whole drinking experience. This brew is lightly carbonated, which allows all the rich and spicy flavors to come to the surface. There is lovely caramel and vanilla that are both easily discovered...along with some light cinnamon. This soda has a distinct flavor profile and there's just so much to like about this root beer! Iron Horse....Welcome to Brad's Brew of Fame! 9.5/10.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Vine Park Brewing Root Beer

This craft brew is brought to you by the good people at Vine Park Brewing Company. VPBC is located in Saint Paul, Minnesota and has been brewing up craft beers since 1995. I wish more breweries would take the time to bottle their root beers because the quality is usually next to none. Vine Park's root beer is no different...it's spicy goodness! The head is more than adequate and is very frothy This brew is very complex and spices are everywhere. I detect some cloves and wintergreen paired with some creamy vanilla and raw honey. Delish! Thanks again to Mark at Glewwe's Castle Brewery, which are makers of the legendary Spring Lake root beer. He was nice enough to pick up some Vine Park and drop off to me on his vacation. What a great guy huh? Vine Park Brewing Company...Welcome to Brad's Brew of Fame! 9.5/10.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Boots Beverages Sarsaparilla Root Beer

Boots Beverages sarsaparilla root beer is brought to you by the good folks at Kristen Distributing Company, which is located in Bryan, Texas. Boots Beverages has been reborn and their sole purpose is to introduce their creatively crafted sodas. They definitely know how to yield a head. This brew was overflowing my mug with all its foamy goodness. There is an unmistakable authentic sarsaparilla note that greets you immediately. It's followed by a light but standard root beer flavor. The bite has some hints of caramel and wintergreen. Its also a tad creamy with faint accents of vanilla coming to the surface. Make no mistake, this is a tasty root beer....but also a tad unique! Welcome to Brad's Brew of Fame! 9/10.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Jack Astor's Premium Brewski Root Beer

Premium Brewski root beer is available at all Jack Astor's restaurants. It's brewed and bottled by The Pop Shoppe Soda Company, which is located in Burlington, Ontario. This soda is made exclusively for Jack Astor's. A big thanks to the root beer king of Canada for sending me this craft soda.(AM) The head on this brew is legendary! Wow! How did they do it?!!? This brew is not exactly what I would call full flavored. The flavor is rather dull with a little vanilla. It's very smooth, crisp, refreshing and would go perfect with some fajitas maybe...no bite..no spice..not bad though. 7.5/10.

Flashback Malt Shoppe Root Beer

This root beer is brought to you by The Flashback Malt Shoppe, which is located in Seaside, Oregon. It's brewed and bottled by Orca Beverage Company, which hails from Mukilteo, Washington. This soda is made exclusively for Flashback. The head on this beverage leaves a lot to be desired, I'm afraid...ouch! There is a perfect proportion of vanilla and honey, which combines to make a tasty treat!! The finish is some honey and spice and very nice! Check this brew out! 8.5/10.

Hank's Gourmet Root Beer

Hank's root beer is brought to you by Hank's Beverage Company, which is a Philadelphia based company. Hank's root beer was first introduced in 1996 with tons of fan fair. This soda has a spectacular head with loads of staying power. It's rather thick and creamy...and full bodied. It has a touch too much caramel for my tastes but the vanilla plays a nice role...All in all...very solid but not quite "brew of fame" worthy. 8/10.

WBC Goose Island Root Beer

Goose Island Root Beer is brought to you by the WIT Beverage Company, which is located in Chicago, IL. This is one solid brew. It's rich, thick, and creamy. It keeps an adequate head. The first thing I noticed was all the plush vanilla that comes racing to your taste buds. The elegant finish included some spicy wintergreen and sweet caramel. Not quite elite but very close. 8.5/10.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Etna Brewing Company Root Beer

Etna Brewing Company is located in Etna, CA. This brewery has roots all the back into the early 1900's. When I popped the top off this brew it was hard not to notice the amazing aroma it produced. As I poured this soda into my mug...I quickly notice a decent head that fizzies away rather quickly. I quickly notice some intense wintergreen and some star anise. It starts our rather tasty and then the finish is hollow and all flavor kind of disappears. It's kind of puzzling...I'm afraid this brew still needs some work. 6/10.