Friday, January 30, 2015

Bagger Dave's Root Beer

Bagger Dave's is an up and coming burger chain, who recently decided to add a line of bottled craft sodas to their menu. Their flavors include: Black Cherry Cream, Orange Cream, and of coarse Root Beer. These sodas are made in small batches and the root beer did not disappoint. I usually don't have huge expectations for sodas that are made for restaurant chains. They usually play it safe and are very conservative in their flavor profiles. I'm sure it's their goal to appeal to everybody. Just once I'd like to find a Sparky's or an Ithaca type tasting brew at a chain restaurant. Bagger Dave's is probably one the best out on the market. The head on their brew was definitely sizable and very frothy. The body was rich and creamy with noticeable notes of vanilla and caramel. It had a solid sassafras note too. The finish was just creamy and delightful! Very well done Bagger Dave's. Welcome to Brad's Brew of Fame! 9/10.

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