Sunday, January 18, 2015

Hummingbird Hill Birch Rootbeer

Hummingbird Hill Soda Company is located in Silverdale, Washington and was established in 2002.  They are a very small company and bottle all their sodas by hand. They have 14 different flavors and mostly sell their sodas at farmers markets. They have 2 flavors in particular that I'm interested in...the Birch Root Beer and Root Beer. Today, I'm reviewing the birch....the head on this starts out rather large but fizzes away quickly. Ummmmm....the body is very hollow and almost tastes flat. Where is the birch and core sassafras flavor? There's almost none to speak of..Where are the spices? The bite is basically just carbonation is my understanding that these sodas tasted way better back in the day..atleast according to my point man in the Washington area. It kills me to be so harsh....but it's my honest opinion. 2.5/10.

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