Thursday, January 1, 2015

Jack Black's Dead Red Root Beer

Jack Black's Dead Red Root Beer was developed by the people at Real Soda. Real Soda is a distribution company as well.....and they offer 100's of sodas that all come in glass bottles. Real Soda in Real Bottles is located in Gardena, CA.. They are a very cool company and I've ordered from them a dozen times at least.  Jack Black's is one of the few root beers you'll come across that is actually caffeinated. Brazilian Guarana is one of the key ingredients in this soda. I was pleasantly surprised when I viewed the head that developed in my frosty mug. It was quite large and had a little staying power. This brew has a pleasantly sweet body that is also a tad creamy. The aftertaste has a noticeable licorice note and hint of vanilla....very nice! This was very close to being in the brew of fame. 8.5/10.

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