Monday, January 5, 2015

Old Red Eye Root Beer

Old Red Eye root beer was brought back to life by The Orca Beverage Company.  Orca is a retro and nostalgic soda manufacturer, which is located in Mukilteo, Washington. Orca does retail and wholesale orders and has 100's of sodas in their repertoire. I'm a very big fan of Orca! On to the soda review....shall we? Red Eye has a decent head with modest staying power. I would say this soda is a little sweeter than most brews. The body is very sweet, sassy, and spicy!...with spicy being the key word here. I do believe cinnamon is the most dominant spice being used in this root beer. I also detect small notes of wintergreen and licorice in the finish! This brew is smooth,, bold, and just plain tasty! All Orca beverages i do believe, use pure sugar cane as their main sweetener 8.5/10.

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