Sunday, January 25, 2015

Old Town 66 Root Beer

This root beer is number 2 of 3 that I've reviewed from The Old Town Root Beer Company. This is another Route 66 themed brew...there are a few others on the market. I think Old Town should be commended on giving us 3 different root beers to chose from. This brew in particular could be described as their spicy option. I found myself savoring every swallow. The body is rich, bold, creamy, and full of spicy flavor.  This soda is dazzling me with all its complexity. There is some intense cinnamon and wintergreen making themselves known almost immediately. There is also a little honey that makes way into the finish! The head on this brew could be described as uninspiring...but the the rest makes up for it and then some! Welcome to Brad's Brew of Fame! 9.5/10.

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