Thursday, January 1, 2015

Wang Gang's Nearly Famous Root Beer

Wang Gang's Nearly Famous Root Beer is brewed, bottled, and packaged in Edwardsville, Illinois. This soda line also includes an orange and a black cherry. The black cherry seems to be the flagship flavor here....although usually it's the root beer. These sodas were originally just available at Wang Gang Asian Eats, but now they are shooting for nationwide.. They have went from selling 90 cases a month to 2000 in just a short period. Their root beer was also featured on an episode of Two and a Half Men....not too shabby!! 
The head on this brew started out rather nice but got a little shy and disappeared on me rather quickly. You can definitely taste some black cherry in this one, which is rather unusual. I'm having trouble finding any other spices in this soda however. It has a nice sweet body and I kinda like the black cherry, but wish they wouldn't have stopped there. Also, it's surely overcarbonated and you receive a small burn after every swallow 7/10.

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