Saturday, February 14, 2015

Zippy's Giant Root Beer

Zippy's Giant Burgers is a mom and pop joint located in Seattle, Washington. They've been flipping burgers since 2008. Their root beer is specially made for them by the amazing folks at Orca Beverage Company, which is close by in Mukilteo, Washington. I'm digging the label on this one...I tend to gravitate towards neon/loud labeling. This one in particular has a weird looking kid with a huge mug of root beer. The head on this brew started out nice, but dissipated rather quickly. The body has a delightful flavor profile, which consists of honey and vanilla. There isn't a strong presence of sassafras here, but it still works for me. In my opinion, it could be a tad less carbonated and a little more creamy. Overall, this is one solid brew and the burgers at this place look exquisite! 8/10.

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