Monday, March 23, 2015

Wild Bill's Espresso Root Beer

Northwoods Soda & Syrup Company is located in Williamsburg, Michigan. They opened up shop back in 1988. I love the fact that this company offers 3 different root beers for me to try. This particular brew is espresso flavored. They teamed up with a local coffee joint (Roast & Toast) to develop this truly unique beverage. The head on this brew is ample. Espresso is definitely the most distinct flavor here. There is also some chocolate in the mix too. The finish is light root beer flavored with a touch of vanilla. I'm impressed on how well balanced and layered this soda is...It's like I'm on an exploration of flavor. I can't deny how unprecedented this brew is and also how they made a difficult thing work. Welcome to Brad's Brew of Fame! 9/10.

Druthers Black Cow Vanilla Creme Root Beer

Druthers Beverage Company is located in Oglesby, Illinois. I couldn't find a great deal of info on this company. Their website is very basic, but they also offer an "Orange Cow" and a "Red Cow". This root beer is vanilla creamed flavored, which I can always get behind. The body is very thick and creamy. The vanilla creme is very noticeable! It has a flavor that's similar to a root beer float..the head was quite sizable too. The finish is more creamy  vanilla that's divine. This brew is very close to greatness, but it's not quite unique enough....8.5/10.

Simpson Springs Root Beer

Simpson Spring Soda Company is a family owned and operated company that offers pure spring bottled water and an array of bottled sodas. Simpson Springs is located in South Easton, Massachusetts. They seem to pride themselves on history and maintaining their family legacy. I was surprised to see that their "White Birch" is their flagship and top selling soda. In most cases the root beer is the headliner. I was quite pleased with this brew. It has an amazing minty vanilla aroma. The head was very stout with much staying power. The root beer core could use some more kick, but there's nothing unpleasant present here. The finish was very pleasing, which consisted of a creamy minty paradise. 8/10.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Homer Soda Company Maple Root Beer

Homer Soda Company is located in Homer, IL. They are becoming a fixture in craft soda distributing. The company started out just selling vintage sodas in their small town. Homer Soda Company also hosts a craft soda festival every year, which allows travelers and patrons to taste test 100's of different soda. every company when they are expanding... have to get even more creative. Homer decided they should start selling their own soda, which I'm hoping doesn't stop here. They have released a maple root beer and It's already getting rave reviews. Wow! The first thing I notice is how sweet this brew is, which can be expected when you combine maple syrup and cane sugar. I'm also noticing how quickly the head has dissipated, but that's mainly just for show. This soda does have a nice classic root beer flavor that is overshadowed by the maple. The maple is a little powerful, but still desirable. Then it transforms into a layer of caramel butterscotch undertones, which are very welcoming. The finish is a sweet maple butterscotch roller coaster of flavor! This is a very unique soda and I've already went back for seconds. Welcome to Brad's Brew of Fame! 9.5/10

River City Root Beer

River City Root Beer is distributed by Blue Dog Beverages, which is located in Sacramento, CA. They are a beverage distributing company, who have also formulated their own root beer. I'm really enjoying the label on this one...they decided on a more elegant or fancy logo, which is very appealing in my eyes. This brew does yield one outstanding head. It's very frothy and it maintains throughout the whole drinking experience.  The aroma is very welcoming too! The root beer is lightly carbonated and has strong minty and vanilla notes. They are followed by strong rooty undertones and light licorice and nutmeg. This root beer just screams excellence! The finish is a heavenly minty creamy dream! Welcome to Brad's Brew of Fame! 10/10.