Monday, March 16, 2015

Homer Soda Company Maple Root Beer

Homer Soda Company is located in Homer, IL. They are becoming a fixture in craft soda distributing. The company started out just selling vintage sodas in their small town. Homer Soda Company also hosts a craft soda festival every year, which allows travelers and patrons to taste test 100's of different soda. every company when they are expanding... have to get even more creative. Homer decided they should start selling their own soda, which I'm hoping doesn't stop here. They have released a maple root beer and It's already getting rave reviews. Wow! The first thing I notice is how sweet this brew is, which can be expected when you combine maple syrup and cane sugar. I'm also noticing how quickly the head has dissipated, but that's mainly just for show. This soda does have a nice classic root beer flavor that is overshadowed by the maple. The maple is a little powerful, but still desirable. Then it transforms into a layer of caramel butterscotch undertones, which are very welcoming. The finish is a sweet maple butterscotch roller coaster of flavor! This is a very unique soda and I've already went back for seconds. Welcome to Brad's Brew of Fame! 9.5/10

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