Monday, April 27, 2015

Pizza Vinoteca Root Beer

Pizza Vinoteca is an up and coming pizza chain on the east coast. Pizza Vinoteca's headquarters are located in Arlington, Virginia. This company believes in offering the freshest and the most healthiest ingredients. A few years ago they decided to start making all natural house-made sodas, which includes a root beer. According to their label this root beer is: "A brewers take on old-school root beer with madagascar vanilla, sarsaparilla, cascade hops, and burdock." The body is very rooty and also has an earthy feel to it. It's not overly sweet and it's gently carbonated. The burdock is very distinctive and is easily placed. The finish is creamy vanilla burdock with spice. The head is overwhelming impressive...just like this root beer! Welcome to Brad's Brew of Fame! 9.5/10.

Anchor Ginger Root Beer

Anchor is another brand that has been brought back to live by Orca Beverage, which is located in Mukilteo, Washington. Anchor's slogan... "As a tribute to all the Sea Dogs and Scallywags looking for adventure on the high seas. Anchor has the sweet rich taste of root beer with a soothing touch of ginger to keep you sailing all day." The body on this brew is very sweet and rich...I agree. The ginger play nicely in this brew too. This soda has one heck of a bite! There are also noticeable traces of caramel and vanilla, which make themselves known in the finish. The head was non-existent on this nearly remarkable brew. 8.5/10.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Rainbow Root Beer

Rainbow Root Beer was concocted by the creative folks over at The Lockdown Brewing Company. They opened up shop back in 1995 and are located in Folsom, CA. Rainbow Root Beer was named after the famous Folsom Rainbow Bridge. Check out this list of ingredients!! (Licorice Bark, Sweet Dried Orange Peel, Cinnamon, and Vanilla) The body is very complex and really does have a "rainbow" of flavors. The root beer core is a little lacking. The head was just "OK". You can really taste the cinnamon and vanilla with a touch a fruity flavor. The finish was more distinctive cinnamon and choice vanilla with a touch of spice. I really appreciate how unique this brew truly is...Bravo!! Welcome to Brad's Brew of Fame!! 9.5/10.

Thomas Kemper Root Beer

Thomas Kemper has been crafting sodas in the upper northwest for the past 20 plus years. Thomas Kemper is small company and still believes soda should be brewed in small batches. Their root beer is made with pure natural northwest honey and pure cane sugar.The body is very rich but is also extremely smooth. There are strong traces of honey with exquisite compliments of vanilla. The root beer core could be more powerful in this brew. The head was fantastic and had valuable staying power. The finish was a honey and vanilla creme machine! 8.5/10.

Maine Root Root Beer

For the last 6 years Maine Root sodas have been gaining tremendous traction in the craft soda world. This company has impeccable attention to detail and only use the healthiest and the freshest ingredients in their sodas. They use Fair Trade Certified sugar as the sweetener in their beverages. They care about their environment and they also want the healthiest ingredients to enter one's body. You wouldn't know this is meant to be a healthier choice for soda drinkers. This brew matches up equally with some of the great root beers on the market. Maine Root has a full flavored body with lots of tasty spices. It has strong notes of wintergreen with undertones of anise and clove. The head is more than just adequate and packs a nice bite. Please support companies like these guys! Welcome to Brad's Brew of Fame! 9.5/10.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Barton Springs Soda Company Root Beer

Barton Springs Soda Company opened for business in the spring of 2012. Barton Springs Soda is handcrafted in Austin, Texas. A portion of the company's proceeds go to the "Barton Springs Foundation". The body on this brew is rather sweet and sticky. They use the highest quality of cane sugar, which helps in making this soda a little crisp and refreshing. I wish they'd knock down the sweetness a level or two though...I detect some caramel and wintergreen notes. The head was average at best...and I'm afraid this root beer is average at best. 7/10.

Trader Joe's Vintage Root Beer

Trader Joe's is a natural foods store and was established back in the 1950's. This chain has become very popular and has stores all over the country. I was recently informed by one of their employees that they have eliminated their craft soda line. So...if you'd like to try this brew, you better hurry. I really enjoyed this soda. It has a distinct birch and wintergreen core, which I always tend to enjoy. The second layer has smaller notes of vanilla, caramel, and anise. The head was solid and the finish consisted of some spicy birch and wintergreen. This is a rather complex brew and I applaud their efforts! 8.5/10.

Brigham's Brew Root Beer

In 1986 the first brewery  in Utah was born and it was named Wasatch. It is located on Main Street in Park City, Utah. It is my understanding that the people of Utah take their root beer very seriously. The state has very strict alcohol laws, which has lead many people to root beer. Brigham's Brew might just be an instant classic! This is one amazing brew!  This is a full-bodied root beer. It's savory and smooth. The luscious honey and velvet-like vanilla are the dominate core flavors here on top of the rooty goodness.There are also smaller notes of wintergreen and licorice that make their way through after the initial explosion of flavor. The maltdextrin creates a heavenly mouth feel and also contributes to a stout head. The finish is just more tasty vanilla and sweet honey....sooooo yummy! Welcome to Brad's Brew of Fame! 10/10.

Fireman's Brew Root Beer

In the year 2000, two fireman named Rob and Ed started their own beverage company called Fireman's Brew. These two hail from the Los Angeles area. A portion of their proceeds are donated to "The Fallen Firefighters Foundation", which is located in Emmitsburg, Maryland. Fireman's Brew sports a nice adequate head. The body is dark and spicy. I also detect a little vanilla, which is a nice compliment. I'm mostly noticing wintergreen with small notes of anise and clove. This finish is a blend of spices and a touch of vanilla, This is a smooth and tasty brew! It will "Extinguish Your Thirst"! 8.5/10.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Farmer's Brew Butterscotch Root Beer

Farmer's Brew Butterscotch Root Beer is handcrafted by Twig's Beverage Company. They are located in Shawano, Wisconsin, which is a charming quaint town. They are known for their quality sodas because they are "Tops in Pops". They recently added this butterscotch root beer to their lineup as a tribute. This special root beer was made to commemorate the Farmer's Brewery in Shawano, WI. In 1908, a group of farmers organized the brewery, survived Prohibition, and bottled beer until the 1940's. I sure love the aroma of butterscotch! The head on this brew is somewhat lacking and could use some work. Most butterscotch brews are tad overly sweet for my tastes, but this has a perfect level of sweetness. It has an impeccable balance of butterscotch on top of a classic root beer core. I'm also detecting some vanilla, which produces a creamy mouth feel. The cane sugar really adds to the crisp full flavor in this brew. This is my new favorite butterscotch root beer! Welcome to Brad's Brew of Fame! 9/10.

Sea Dog Root Beer

Sea Dog Brewing Company opened in 1993 on the coast of Maine. This company is rapidly growing and now have 6 locations along the eastern seaboard. This brew is very smooth and somewhat creamy. Wow! The head on this soda is epic! There's not much bite present here, but I'm enjoying the small notes of wintergreen and anise. The finish has a creamy vanilla essence with some spicy zest. This brew might the definition of a "solid" root beer. I like it but I just do not love it. 8/10.