Monday, April 27, 2015

Pizza Vinoteca Root Beer

Pizza Vinoteca is an up and coming pizza chain on the east coast. Pizza Vinoteca's headquarters are located in Arlington, Virginia. This company believes in offering the freshest and the most healthiest ingredients. A few years ago they decided to start making all natural house-made sodas, which includes a root beer. According to their label this root beer is: "A brewers take on old-school root beer with madagascar vanilla, sarsaparilla, cascade hops, and burdock." The body is very rooty and also has an earthy feel to it. It's not overly sweet and it's gently carbonated. The burdock is very distinctive and is easily placed. The finish is creamy vanilla burdock with spice. The head is overwhelming impressive...just like this root beer! Welcome to Brad's Brew of Fame! 9.5/10.

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