Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Ocean City Brewing Company "Twisted Root" Root Beer

Twisted Root is gently handcrafted and micro-brewed by The Ocean City Brewing Company. OCBC is located in Ocean City, Maryland.  Well, it's time to get a little excited!  This very well could be the perfect brew. This root beer has a perfect balance of  spicy goodness and creamy greatness. The body is rather complex, spicy, creamy, and sweet. It starts out spicy and has perfect proportions of wintergreen, licorice, and anise. Then it fades into a thick creamy vanilla utopia and has angelic mouth-feel. This is all on top of a premium and rich sassafras core. The head is modest but yields an inch or two of frothy delight.  This root beer is true bliss! Welcome to Brad's Brew of Fame!!! 10/10.

Sky Valley Organic Root Beer

This brew is distributed by Sky Valley Foods and their headquarters are located in Danville, Virginia. You should be able to find this beverage at your local Whole Foods Market. Thank you to the founder of "Root Beer Trackers" for letting me know of its existence. On to the review....The body is rather week and fruity. Apple cider vinegar is a listed ingredient in this brew. Sky Valley doesn't do a very good job covering up the fact this brew is supposed to be a healthier soda option. It actually starts out tasting like a decent root beer and even has traces of vanilla, but fades into a rather unpleasant hollow graveyard. If you want a root beer just drink a root beer! 4.5/10.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Swamp Pop File` Root Beer

Swamp Pop is a new-comer to the craft soda world. They hail from Cajun Country!! All their flavors are Louisiana-inspired, use all natural flavors, and are sweetened with pure Louisiana sugarcane. I'm afraid I'm not tasting a root beer here. It tastes like what Id imagine a  super premium craft cola would taste like. This is a very tasty soda! I love it...but there's no resemblance of a root beer present. The head is impeccable and the taste is remarkably unique. Maybe I should try their cola? You think maybe it's root beer-like?
Cola grade: 10/10 Root Beer grade: 5/10.

Cubby Bear Root Beer

The Cubby Bear is a very popular joint located near Wrigley Field in Chicago, Illinois. It's the famous sports bar where all the Cub's fans go after all the home games. They even decided to start selling their own root beer. Cubby Bear Root Beer is brewed and bottled by The Minhas Craft Brewery, which is located in Monroe, Wisconsin. The body is rather simple. It's a tad creamy and smooth. Vanilla is basically the only real detectable note here. A fruity and somewhat unpleasant flavor shows up in the finish though..This is just an average brew with nothing too unique going on here. 7/10.

Langers Gourmet Root Beer

Langers Gourmet Root Beer is brought to you by the healthy folks over at Langers Juice Company, which is located in southern California. Langers has become a major force in the ultra competitive juice industry. They actually make all their juices and sodas in small batches. I love that attention to detail! Langers sodas have no high fructose corn syrup, no crystalline fructose, no artificial colors or flavors, no sodium, and no preservatives. The body is very rich and creamy. I hope you like root beer with your honey! ..or wait?? The honey is rather intense for me and I've never uttered those words before today. Honey and vanilla are the two most crucial ingredients , in my opinion. The vanilla is very noticeable and also very pleasant. They use madagascar pure vanilla extract. I would love to see a more rooty-ness in the body because it goes to a rather hollow place after the honey and vanilla. The head also needs more work. Overall, not bad...just needs some minor changes. 7/10.

Capt'n Eli's Root Beer

Capt'n Eli's Root Beer is micro-brewed in small batches by The Shipyard Brewing Company. They started bottling this popular soda in 2002. Capt'n Eli is also the only soda company in the world with its own comic book series "The Undersea Adventures of Capt'n Eli". This is a full flavored brew! The body is very spicy...there is wintergreen, anise, vanilla. I also detect a touch of licorice. This brew all comes together with a solid sassafras core and a head that is borderline legendary! Welcome to Brad's Brew of Fame!!! 9/10.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Sprecher 30th Anniversary Honey Root Beer

As a thanks to all of their loyal customers,, Sprecher is releasing a 30th Anniversary Honey Root Beer. The new Honey Root Beer has all the same great flavors as the original brew with the addition of wild flower honey nose and flavor. It's made exclusively with Wisconsin honey from their longtime supplier in Germantown, Wisconsin. The Honey Root Beer has a different flavor profile than their well-known version, which is also made with Wisconsin honey. Sprecher wants to stress that this isn't a replacement. The body is very sweet, rich, thick, and a tad creamy. Wow, this is very sweet...but in a good way! There is no mistaking that there is honey in this brew. It is very noticeable and also very tasty. I wish the head would have developed more...but I was left hanging, I'm afraid. I'm thinking the root beer core flavors could be more powerful. I bet that would really compliment the raw honey. Overall, this was just plain delicious! Sprecher will never disappoint a true root beer fan! Welcome to Brad's Brew of Fame!!! 9.5/10.