Tuesday, August 25, 2015

DeadWorld Twilight Shuffler Root Beer

Twilight Shuffler is brought to you by the frightening folks over at DeadWorld Zombie Soda, which is owned by Caprice Brands LLC. Ground zero for this zombie soda infection is in Livonia, Michigan. All their sodas have all natural flavors with un-natural tastes.(Ha Ha) All of the companies soda names and characters are based off the cult favorite comic book series DeadWorld. The head on this brew is very frothy and has a little staying power. The flavor profile starts with very bold rootyness and also has a spicy core. I detect some licorice and strong notes of wintergreen. It's more of a darker brew! It's very crisp and refreshing. The finish is more spicy goodness with a solid bite. Welcome to Brad's Brew of  Fame!!! 9/10.

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