Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Wisco Pop! Root Beer

Wisco Pop! is a somewhat new company to the soda spectrum. They are based out of Viroqua, Wisconsin. Their soda is all natural, fresh, and handcrafted. Please don't be surprised when you see an expiration date because their contains no preservatives.They have been around a few years and started by just selling kegs of their soda to local establishments. I discovered them through their kick-starter campaign. They were trying to raise enough money in order to start bottling their sodas. They were successful and now all three of their flavors are available in glass bottles. (Root Beer, Ginger Brew, Cherry Bomb) Unfortunately, I had to get creative on obtaining this brew. The owners of Wisco Pop! were unaccommodating to say the least. All hard feeling aside...I am a professional here and have to maintain a certain level of integrity. 
The brew forms an adequate head and has a sweet herbal aroma to it. I would say this brew is very comparable to Tree Fort, for those who have tried it. Wisco Pop! uses wintergreen, sarsaparilla root, maple syrup, cloves, vanilla beans, molasses, cinnamon, and spearmint as ingredients in this brew. This is not going to be like your typical root beer but if you keep an open mind you may find it enjoyable. It is definitely a healthier option for those who have restrictions on their diet. Its very smooth and refreshing with a spicy aftertaste. Not bad! 7/10.

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