Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Schnitz Brewing Company Root Beer

Schnitz Brewery and Pub is a rising star in the mid-west. Schnitz Brewing is located in Jasper, Indiana. They are somewhat new to the brewing world, but are really making a name for themselves. They have combined a brewery. restaurant, catering, and a hotel to become quite the juggernaut in Jasper. I recently discovered they brewed their own root beer and placed an order to have a few bottles sent my way. I was a little disappointed the bottles didn't have a label because they have an outstanding and very appealing logo, The root beer is very tasty! It has a very bold rootyness to it. It also has strong traces of wintergreen. They finish is rather spicy and has a creamy vanilla aftertaste. I was quite pleased with this brew and wish Schnitz Brewing nothing but the best! 8/10.

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