Wednesday, November 4, 2015

New Planet Brewery Draft Root Beer

New Planet Brewing Company is located in Boulder, Colorado. They have distinguished themselves by being the first to offer a line of reduced and gluten free beers. There are numerous people who are sensitive to gluten and this now gives them a safe way to enjoy a cold tasty beer. Bravo New Planet!! Their root beer is also gluten free and also very delicious! It is also rather unique! It has a lighter far as a traditional sassafras flavor goes, It's maybe a little on the sweet side, but is also rather creamy. It's very smooth and lightly carbonated too. The head had a little life to it and provided a creamy top. The finish is rather intriguing and impressive. It's kind of hard to place, but it's almost like vanilla, chocolate, and coconut have combined forces here. It works. Yummy! Welcome to Brad's Brew of Fame!! 9.5/10.

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