Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Red Hare Brewing Company Root Beer

Red Hare Brewing Company is located in Marietta, Georgia. Red Hare started out as a basement brewery. They received such rave reviews they decided to open to the public. Red Hare opened for business in 2011. They are the first brewery in Georgia to can their beers and you can now find their products in Georgia, Tennessee, and South Carolina. Like many of the great breweries out there...they decided to offer a root beer as a non-alcoholic option for their patrons. I've heard their root beer has been well received and will soon be available in cans. (I'm crossing my fingers they bottle their root beer in at-least 22oz  bombers too...not a big fan of cans) You can also purchase kegs directly from the brewery. Now on to the review.....shall we? It definitely starts out a little spicy with traces of wintergreen. It has a nice rooty core that cannot be ignored.  The finish gives way to more of a creamy vanilla flavor. I'm very impressed on the sweetness and carbonation levels...impeccable in my opinion. They use pure sugar cane as their main sweeter, which never disappoints. The head could use some work, but that's mostly just for show! Welcome to Brad's Brew of Fame! 9/10.

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