Friday, December 16, 2016

Rusty's Old Fashioned Rootbeer

Bryan Rust is a local legend in Pittsburgh, PA. He was a key component in the Penguins winning the Stanley Cup in 2016. Paul's Beverage Company, PLB Sports, and Giant Eagle all came together to develop this limited edition root beer. I'm up for any reason to develop a new brew. I couldn't be more pleasantly surprised with this soda. I'm discovering that they also wanted a tasty unique beverage created here. This wasn't just a quick money grab. I was expecting something rather basic but that couldn't be further from the truth. They use pure sugar cane as the main sweetner. This root beer is thick and creamy and sports a nice frothy head. It also has noticeable birch and cherry notes with a sassy rooty core.  It works quite well together! The finish is creamy smooth vanilla and cherry! Welcome to Brad's Brew of Fame!!! 9/10.

Riley's Brewing Co. Hand Crafted Root Beer

Riley's Brewing Co is located in Madera, California. The head brewer started out a home brewer, who also grew up around brewing. After much trial and error and an annoyed wife, Daniel and his wife opened up their brewery. They now offer numerous beers, ales, specialty brews, and sodas. Their hand crafted root beer is what has intrigued me the most. This is truly an old school look on root beer. Their root beer has an authentic old fashioned favor and is very unique. It also sports a mammoth head. The body is complex and full flavored. I'm detecting a sarsaparilla core with numerous spices to compliment.(wintergreen, cloves, cinnamon, anise, all-spice, licorice, and burdock) My only knock would be that the molasses is a little overpowering. Molasses in my opinion, it's much better in small doses. The finish has creamy smooth vanilla and honey, which is the perfect ending to such a distinctive brew. 8.5/10.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Old Bottle Brewery Root Beer

Old Bottle Brewery is located in Ruston, Louisiana. They are just a home brewery for now but hope to be professional one day. For now, you can purchase their soda and beer at the local farmers market. I can't thank them enough for hooking me up with a sample of their tasty root beer. Thanks Hayden! Their root beer is brewed in small batches and personally hand bottled! I call that "attention to detail"!!! The body has an earthy touch to it and extremely rooty. It's not overly sweet but is lightly carbonated.  The complex flavoring includes: wintergreen, molasses, licorice root, star anise, allspice, nutmeg, and vanilla. I'm rather impressed on how creamy this brew is... it kind of caught me off guard. The head is thick, frothy, and rather stout. The finish is sweet vanilla and molasses with some spicy goodness. Too smooth!!! This is an unique brew with great presentation. Welcome to Brad's Brew of Fame!!! 9/10.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Butchertown Soda Root Beer

Butchertown Soda is located in Louisville, Kentucky. Butchertown is a neighborhood in Louisville and has quite the storied history. Butchertown is known for its culinary arts and creative nature. Butchertown Soda is a newcomer to the craft soda world and hope to be players for years to come. Their root beer has an earthy vibe to it. It's not too sweet but is spicy and creamy too. Sassafras and sarsaparilla have come together and have brought along some vanilla and cinnamon for the ride. There is a little bite from spice and it mantainted quite the frothy head.  This is definitely an unique and complex take on root beer. Welcome to Brad's Brew of Fame!!! 9/10.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Potosi Brewing Co. Root Beer

This is yet another brew from the land of root beer, which is Wisconsin. The body is thick, creamy, and rather sweet. There's so much honey and vanilla and it's phenomenal once it hits your lips.  Then it fades to some spice and more creamyness. There is a little bite and a sufficient head was built. The finish is smooth, creamy, and a flourish of spicy sweet honey. This is just one of many remarkable root beers from Wisconsin. Welcome to Brad's Brew of Fame!!! 10/10.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Frost Creek Craft Beverage Company Root Beer

Frost Creek Root Beer comes from the land of Texas. They opened for business back in 2014. Frost Creek claims it all starts with their first ingredient, which is triple filtered water. This gives the soda a crisp clean taste. They sweeten all their sodas with pure sugar cane. Frost Creek is a stickler for attention to detail. The owners purchase the ingredients and are involved in the process from start to finish. This brew sports a thick and frothy head. It has a solid flavor profile but not overly complex. It's sweet and has a rooty core with smaller traces of vanilla, caramel, and wintergreen.  I'm also sensing small clove notes in the finish and aroma. This is a solid brew in all areas. 8/10.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Pic-a-Pop Root Beer

I've finally got my hands on Pic-a-Pop in glass. I've been in search for quite some time.....but the time has come. Pic-a-Pop opened for business in 1971. Their headquarters were located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. They are basically the Canadian version of A&W, Barqs, or Dad's. They've been a mainstay for a generation of soda drinkers. I wish I could say it has been worth the wait. It saddens me...but this is not very good stuff. The head dissappeared in a blink of an eye. It starts out ok on initial contact but then turns to a sour herbal and fruity wave of flavor. The body is just syrupy and sticky wthout much traditional root beer flavor. The finish is just more sour and fruity notes...I'm not amused. Canada needs to look to other options....not sure how this company became a linchpin in the soda world. 4/10.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Rabbit Ridge Paso Pure Root Beer

This brew is bottled by Rabbit Ridge Soda Company and they are located in California. This has an intriguing aroma and it builds quite the impressive head. This soda is jam packed full of flavor. It's sharp and sassy and mildly sweet. It's prodominantly flavored with birch, sarsparilla, wintergreen, and vanilla. I believe it also has lighter notes of clove, ginger, and licorice. There's so much bite it is barking. The finish is powerful rooty spice with a touch of creamy vanilla. 8.5/10.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Root Naturals Apothecary Craft Soda Root Beer

The people that brought you Buckeye State Scarlet Soda now bring you Root Naturals Apothecary Root Beer. This soda is being handcrafted in Cincinnati, Ohio. Apothecaries are a strong part of Cincinnati's history and they wanted to keep the tradition alive. Even the label has an old school feel to it. The body has a subtle sweetness and is a tad creamy. It is perfectly balanced and is lightly carbonated. There is wintergreen, caramel, and vanilla that ties in the sassafras core effortlessly. The head is adequate and there is a noticeable bite from fizzy spice. The finish has spicy vanilla wintergreen notes and the caramelized sugar lingers just enough for an exhilarating drinking experience. The Buckeye State is going to be very proud! Welcome to Brad's Brew of Fame!!! 9/10

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Polly's Pop Root Beer

Polly's Pop hails from Independence, Missouri. It warms my heart to see stories like this one. Polly's Pop has been revived from extinction and now stands back in its original form. The company went out of business in 1967. A local family and dedicated citizens of Independence made it their mission to get Polly's Pop back up and running. Mission accomplished!!! They wanted to maintain it's old fashioned flavor and impeccable quality. Pure sugar cane is the main sweetner in Polly's Pop. This brew is lightly carbonated with immaculate mouth feel. The head was more than admirable. The body has a flawless level of sweetness and a subtle sassafras and caramel core. There are also undertones of wintergreen and vanilla.... which turns into a creamy triumph. This brew has a little bit to it....mostly from remaining spice.  The finish is a blended spicy creamy delight. Welcome to Brad's Brew of Fame!!! 9/10

Country Folk Soda Root Beer

According to the bottle..Country Folk Soda is brewed and bottled for Crown Valley Branson. My contact at the winery assured me this was an unique recipe and not Fizzy Izzy with a new label. I could tell that immediately after trying my first bottle. The gentleman on the bottle is Bobby Joe! He's a good ol' boy, that loves to have fun and get rowdy. He's hard-working but can be short tempered and is scared of critters. I can't make this stuff up folks! Now that's over....soda review shall we? This is a rather standard brew. It has a nice old fashioned flavor. The body isn't overly sweet nor too creamy. It has a pleasant rooty core with prodominant notes of caramel and wintergreen.  There are also smaller traces of vanilla, clove, and spice. It has an unexpected spicy bite and exceptional head. The finish is smooth spicy caramel.  This is definitely not an overly complex brew but is presented quite nicely. 8.5/10

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Big Muddy Brewing Co. Root Beer

Did you really think my haul was finished? Oh no my friends...this haul is unprecedented and perhaps legendary.  There's a particular pacific northwesterner who relies on me desperately and I guess he relies on "The Root Beer Store" too to discover new brews ....I can't let him down! I'm surprised it's taken this long to discover a sasquatch themed root beer but we finally got one. Big Muddy Brewing Company is the proud brewer of this tasty treat! The body is rich and creamy and mildly sweet.  Some of my favorites are making themselves known here...we got strong traces of vanilla and honey here. Up next are lighter notes of clove, wintergreen, and a touch of spice. The head was thick, frothy, and rather exquisite. There's not much bite but the finish was creamy smooth bliss! Welcome to Brad's Brew of Fame!!! 9.5/10

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Happy Camp'r Root Beer

Happy Camp'r Root Beer comes from the land of 10,000 lakes. Minnesota is one of the better states for root beer too. Happy Camp'r is a one man operation and he mostly does farmers markets and festivals. I'm rather impressed because this brew is satisfying and refreshing. It developed a quite ample head when poured into my mug. It has a strong sarsparilla core with lighter notes of vanilla, wintergreen, and licorice.  Brown sugar is the main sweeter and is the perfect compliment to a complex brew! Well done! 8.5/10.

Friday, September 30, 2016

Bandit Beverages Co. Root Beer

Let me introduce you to Bandit Root Beer. This tasty treat comes from Utah. This company actually specializes in Iron Port soda, which intrigued me so I indulged. The root beer has a plethora of flavor and character. The aroma is amazing and very appealing...just like a root beer barrel candy. The body has a great balance of flavor to sweetness. Wintergreen, star anise, cane sugar with a side of molasses and vanilla. The finish is spicy sweetness with inviting mouth feel. I was a little let down with the lack of head but thats the only knock on such a tasty brew! Welcome to Brad's Brew of Fame!!! 10/10.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Jack's Real Soda Root Beer

Jack's Real Soda Root Beer is being brewed in Fairfield, Iowa. I came across these good folks a few years ago through their Kickstarter campaign. I have zero issues supporting small family run soda companies. I was eagerly awaiting their email and a few days later I had a couple bottles to try out. This surely has a authentic flavor and it's brewed in small batches.  The head is insane and is basically out of control. It's not overly sweet but very creamy. It has a birch and sarsaparilla core. I'm also noticing strong notes of vanilla, cinnamon, and anise. The finish is sweet and spicy wintergreen with wonderful birch. I'd love to try this as a float. These guys also have their own kombucha and cada avocado ice cream lines.  8/10.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Brix Soda Co. Rootbeer

This is Brix Soda Co Rootbeer and they are located  in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This has an amazing flavor profile. The aroma is sweet and spicy wintergreen. The body is full flavored and complex. I'm sensing strong caramel with creamy vanilla undertones.  There is a strong sassafras core that pulls everything together. The head was a little lacking but one was built. The finish is just heavenly caramel and vanilla and you'll be left wanting more for sure! Welcome to Brad's Brew of Fame! 9.5/10

Sunday, September 18, 2016

6 Pack Root Beer

6 Pack Root Beer Company is located in Moscow, Idaho. Right now they're only doing local farmers markets. The response to their sodas has been positive and the possibility of expanding could be on the horizon. They do all all their sodas from scratch in very small batches. You could definitely call this a blonde root beer. I'm sensing a sarsaparilla core, which turns to a noticeable creamy vanilla.  The head is commendable and maintains quite nicely. The finish is more rich vanilla and is extremely smooth and refreshing. This brew is rather basic and I tend to gravitate to more complex root beers, but this is almost half root beer and half cream soda. It's an interesting take on root beer at the very least. 7/10.

Old City Soda Root Beer

Old City Soda hails from the great state of Ohio. Their headquarters are in Cleveland. They have only been around a couple years and are starting to gain traction in the craft soda world. I picked this brew up at a local restaurant in Columbus. Their root beer is a more traditional brew and is made from scratch. I'm starting to see more and more of these...I guess we live in a more health conscious world these days. I think they did an admirable job here. First, the head is extremely praiseworthy. It has a lighter sarsaparilla core with a touch of rootyness. Then it goes into a rich vanilla and sweet molasses undertones. The finish is spicy and has a fruity raisin notes, which is all too smooth and rather enjoyable,  I wish I had access to more local brews! 7.5/10.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Frostop "Special Reserve Imperial" Root Beer

Can I please have your attention? Folks, I may just have the holy grail of root beers here. As you all know...Frostop has been a dominant force in the root beer world for many many years and probably many more to come. It has recently come to my attention that they've decided to add to their already greatness with just a touch more of greatness, which creates Frostop"Special Reserve Imperial" Root Beer. I'm at a loss of words because I'm so excited to try. Get this!! My newest acquaintance Tim, which is the owner of Market Street Soda Works located in Newark, Ohio. Frostop was so impressed with his shop and his loyalty to their famous root beer that they decided to formulate this tasty treat exclusively for him and his patrons. I'm so glad that I live nearby and was able to get some of these while they last. This brew still has all great things that Frostop has to offer but they decided to add clover honey, madagascar vanilla, and cane sugar into the special mix. It just adds a whole new level and flavor profile that'll leave your taste buds craving more. This brew is truly in a class of it's own and nothing tops it but the foam! Welcome to Brad's Brew of Fame! 10/10.

Tractor Soda Co. Root Beer

Greetings Root Beer Drinkers! Yes, I know it's been quite sometime since my last review. The most important thing is that I'm back and have lots to share. Today, I'm going to offer my thoughts on Tractor Soda Co. Root Beer. They are from Idaho and have been around for about 4 years in fountain and have just recently started to bottle. You should be able to find their products at Rocket Fizz in the near future. This is all organic and hand-crafted in small batches. The two core flavors of this brew are sweet birch and wintergreen and they are highlighted by a number of other roots and spices. I'm enjoying this very much...its very smooth but not overly sweet. I thought the head could use some work, but one did develop. This is not your traditional root beer but if you're looking for something more healthy but still has solid flavor.....this would be for you! 8.5/10.