Friday, September 30, 2016

Bandit Beverages Co. Root Beer

Let me introduce you to Bandit Root Beer. This tasty treat comes from Utah. This company actually specializes in Iron Port soda, which intrigued me so I indulged. The root beer has a plethora of flavor and character. The aroma is amazing and very appealing...just like a root beer barrel candy. The body has a great balance of flavor to sweetness. Wintergreen, star anise, cane sugar with a side of molasses and vanilla. The finish is spicy sweetness with inviting mouth feel. I was a little let down with the lack of head but thats the only knock on such a tasty brew! Welcome to Brad's Brew of Fame!!! 10/10.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Jack's Real Soda Root Beer

Jack's Real Soda Root Beer is being brewed in Fairfield, Iowa. I came across these good folks a few years ago through their Kickstarter campaign. I have zero issues supporting small family run soda companies. I was eagerly awaiting their email and a few days later I had a couple bottles to try out. This surely has a authentic flavor and it's brewed in small batches.  The head is insane and is basically out of control. It's not overly sweet but very creamy. It has a birch and sarsaparilla core. I'm also noticing strong notes of vanilla, cinnamon, and anise. The finish is sweet and spicy wintergreen with wonderful birch. I'd love to try this as a float. These guys also have their own kombucha and cada avocado ice cream lines.  8/10.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Brix Soda Co. Rootbeer

This is Brix Soda Co Rootbeer and they are located  in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This has an amazing flavor profile. The aroma is sweet and spicy wintergreen. The body is full flavored and complex. I'm sensing strong caramel with creamy vanilla undertones.  There is a strong sassafras core that pulls everything together. The head was a little lacking but one was built. The finish is just heavenly caramel and vanilla and you'll be left wanting more for sure! Welcome to Brad's Brew of Fame! 9.5/10

Sunday, September 18, 2016

6 Pack Root Beer

6 Pack Root Beer Company is located in Moscow, Idaho. Right now they're only doing local farmers markets. The response to their sodas has been positive and the possibility of expanding could be on the horizon. They do all all their sodas from scratch in very small batches. You could definitely call this a blonde root beer. I'm sensing a sarsaparilla core, which turns to a noticeable creamy vanilla.  The head is commendable and maintains quite nicely. The finish is more rich vanilla and is extremely smooth and refreshing. This brew is rather basic and I tend to gravitate to more complex root beers, but this is almost half root beer and half cream soda. It's an interesting take on root beer at the very least. 7/10.

Old City Soda Root Beer

Old City Soda hails from the great state of Ohio. Their headquarters are in Cleveland. They have only been around a couple years and are starting to gain traction in the craft soda world. I picked this brew up at a local restaurant in Columbus. Their root beer is a more traditional brew and is made from scratch. I'm starting to see more and more of these...I guess we live in a more health conscious world these days. I think they did an admirable job here. First, the head is extremely praiseworthy. It has a lighter sarsaparilla core with a touch of rootyness. Then it goes into a rich vanilla and sweet molasses undertones. The finish is spicy and has a fruity raisin notes, which is all too smooth and rather enjoyable,  I wish I had access to more local brews! 7.5/10.