Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Jack's Real Soda Root Beer

Jack's Real Soda Root Beer is being brewed in Fairfield, Iowa. I came across these good folks a few years ago through their Kickstarter campaign. I have zero issues supporting small family run soda companies. I was eagerly awaiting their email and a few days later I had a couple bottles to try out. This surely has a authentic flavor and it's brewed in small batches.  The head is insane and is basically out of control. It's not overly sweet but very creamy. It has a birch and sarsaparilla core. I'm also noticing strong notes of vanilla, cinnamon, and anise. The finish is sweet and spicy wintergreen with wonderful birch. I'd love to try this as a float. These guys also have their own kombucha and cada avocado ice cream lines.  8/10.

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