Sunday, October 9, 2016

Polly's Pop Root Beer

Polly's Pop hails from Independence, Missouri. It warms my heart to see stories like this one. Polly's Pop has been revived from extinction and now stands back in its original form. The company went out of business in 1967. A local family and dedicated citizens of Independence made it their mission to get Polly's Pop back up and running. Mission accomplished!!! They wanted to maintain it's old fashioned flavor and impeccable quality. Pure sugar cane is the main sweetner in Polly's Pop. This brew is lightly carbonated with immaculate mouth feel. The head was more than admirable. The body has a flawless level of sweetness and a subtle sassafras and caramel core. There are also undertones of wintergreen and vanilla.... which turns into a creamy triumph. This brew has a little bit to it....mostly from remaining spice.  The finish is a blended spicy creamy delight. Welcome to Brad's Brew of Fame!!! 9/10

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